Capitol Preservation

1. Conservation work, "Angel of Light" newel posts

Conservation work, “Angel of Light” newel posts.

2. Repairing the Moravian Tiled Floor

Repairing the Moravian Tiled Floor. Henry C. Mercer’s tile floor is the largest and perhaps most difficult piece of artwork to maintain, because it is constantly being damaged through winter salting and foot traffic. Replacement tiles are still made at the Moravian Tile Works in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

3. Restoration, House Majority Caucus Room, 2002

Restoration, House Majority Caucus Room, 2002.

4. North Hyphen mural restoration, 1999

North Hyphen mural restoration, 1999.

5. Vincenzo Alfano door pediments, main entrance

Vincenzo Alfano door pediments, main entrance. Italian artist Vincenzo Alfano did sculptural modeling of groups at the Capitol’s Main entrance as well as pediments above the Main Chamber entrances.

6. Re-applying gold leaf

Re-applying gold leaf.

7. Commonwealth statue restoration, 1998

Commonwealth statue restoration, 1998.

8. Abbey rotunda murals, 1985

Abbey rotunda murals, 1985.

9. Rotunda marble cleaning, circa 1987

Rotunda marble cleaning, circa 1987.

10. Abbey mural restoration, circa 1986

Abbey mural restoration, circa 1986.

11. Conservators working on Abbey murals

Conservators working on Abbey murals. The Capitol’s Main Rotunda murals were restored from 1985-1987.

12. Supreme Court Chamber restoration

Supreme Court Chamber restoration.

13. Governor's Private Office, ceiling work

Governor’s Private Office, ceiling work.

14. Reapplying a decorative stencil pattern

Reapplying a decorative stencil pattern.

15. Governor's Office, ceiling restoration

Governor’s Office, ceiling restoration.

16. Stencil reapplication

Stencil reapplication. In many areas of the building, the original 1906 stencils were painted over in favor of a simpler design, or at times simply painted over for ease of maintenance.

17. Acanthus leaf stencil pattern

Acanthus leaf stencil pattern.

18. Piece of granite coring

Piece of granite coring. This square sawed coring was done to examine, remove, and match broken granite slabs.

19. Plaster bracket

Plaster bracket. Many of the Capitol’s ceilings are pressed plaster elements which were molded, modeled and placed by Buehler and Lauter, the plastering subcontractor and then painted by Donald Macgregor and Company, Decorative Painters for the building.

20. Floral decorative plaster

Floral decorative plaster. Foliate and acanthus style plasters adorn many of the coffered and recessed ceiling area of the building. These are then painted in colors which match each individual room.

21. Egg and dart decorative plaster

Egg and dart decorative plaster.

22. Greek Key, decorative element

Greek Key, decorative element.

23. Moravian "field tile" from main rotunda floor

Moravian “field tile,” from Main rotunda floor. The field tiles are the square tiles which make up the floor. Mercer also produced 425 original

24. Brushes, paint and pallette

Brushes, paint and palette. Used by decorative painters, fine artists and committee fine arts conservators to restore the fine and decorative arts of the building.

25. Egg and dart dental work molding

Egg and dart and dental work cornice molding.