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Paul I. Clymer,

Welcome to the homepage for the Pennsylvania Capitol Preservation Committee. For the last 30 years, the Capitol Preservation Committee (CPC) has been diligently working to preserve the magnificent art, architecture, and history of the Pennsylvania Capitol Building and Complex. Our state Capitol, is a one-of-a-kind structure, designed by architect Joseph Huston and built from 1902-1906, it contains 640 rooms, priceless murals, marble, gold leaf, bronze chandeliers, carpets, and draperies.

Throughout the course of the Committee's history, we have conducted over a hundred and twenty individual restoration projects designed to preserve the original 1906 appearance of the Capitol for all visitors. Some of the most prominent projects that the CPC has undertaken are the restoration of the Main Rotunda and dome, the conservation of Pennsylvania's historic Civil War battle flags, and the removal and restoration of the statue Commonwealth from the Capitol dome.

Several other projects include conservation of the large Barnard statues at the Capitol's main entrance and conservation of the Moravian Tile Floor, which sustains yearly damage from the harmful effects of winter salt. The CPC also repairs and maintains 300 historic Capitol clocks and several thousand pieces of custom-designed furniture, all designed by architect Joseph M. Huston. Additionally, the Committee is instrumental in conserving the artwork and ornate spaces of the North, Irvis, Ryan, Forum and Finance Buildings.

In large part due to the Preservation Committee's diligent restoration work, the Pennsylvania State Capitol is widely-recognized as one of the most beautiful capitol buildings in the nation. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and was designated a National Historic Landmark in 2006, on the hundredth anniversary of its construction.

As chairman of the Capitol Preservation Committee, I invite you to browse our website, learn about the building's history and artwork, and come to Harrisburg to visit Pennsylvania's amazing "palace of art."

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2013 Pennsylvania Historic Preservation Awards

The Capitol Preservation Committee is pleased to announce that the South Capitol Park project has been selected to win a 2013 Special Historic Property Construction Project Award from Preservation Pennsylvania. The rehabilitation of South Capitol Park was a three year project which not only preserved and enhanced the historic landscape of the park, but also provided much needed upgrades to the underground storm water management system, as well as providing ADA access to the park from Third Street. Additionally, the project created wider sidewalks along 3rd and Walnut Streets, installed tiered retaining walls to mitigate erosion, and replaced interior park sidewalks, benches and plantings within the park. Overall the project completely modified South Capitol Park, returning it to a destination of historic and scenic beauty and a marking its importance as a contributing resource to the Capitol Complex�s National Historic Landmark status.

The Capitol Preservation Committee is proud to have been chosen for this award and looks forward to accepting it at Preservation Pennsylvania�s awards ceremony, on Friday September 27, in Pottstown.