About the Capitol Preservation Committee

In 1982 the Pennsylvania Capitol Preservation Committee was created by the General Assembly (Act 327). As an independent Commonwealth Committee, its purpose is implementing and directing programs to conserve and restore the Pennsylvania State Capitol and its contents preserving and maintaining it for future generations.

Under the law, the Committee's fifteen members would include four appointees each from the House of Representatives and Senate (equal majority and minority); a member of the private sector appointed by the Chief Justice; the Secretary of the Department of General Services; the Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission; the Secretary of the State Art Commission; and three private citizens appointed by the governor, all of who serve gratis.

A state budget line item funds restoration projects and operating expenses, while a Capitol Restoration Trust Fund, replenished through private donations and sales of commemorative items, finances special projects, such as art and furniture acquisitions.

To make a donation, mail check or money order made payable to "Capitol Restoration Trust Fund" addressed as follows:

PA Capitol Preservation Committee
Attn: Controller
Room 630 Main Capitol Building
Harrisburg, PA 17120

Donors who contribute $25 or more to the Capitol Restoration Trust Fund will receive a commemorative print of architect Joseph Huston's 1901 Capitol Competition design submission.