Forum Law Library Restoration

Restoration of the Forum Law Library took place in 2015 with work to conserve and restore the historic woodwork. This project included the repair, restoration, and refinishing of all wood paneled areas, including window wells, soffits, and pilaster and column enclosures. Also included were cleaning and refinishing of bronze grills, removal and restoration of selected marble bases, removal and relocation of surface-mounted electrical systems and signage, as well as installation of a new custom information desk Restoration of the law library woodwork, along with the previously completed ceiling restoration, highlights what an amazingly ornate space the Law Library was when originally completed in 1929-31. Full window restoration was undertaken which entailed stripping, cleaning, and prepping, counterbalance repair or replacement, removal of old and failing glazing and sealant, and finally repainting, re-installation, and re-sealing of the windows. In addition to the windows, the Committee refinished metal bookcase end panels, the decorative metal mezzanine railing, and the terrazzo floor in the Law Library. Also included in this project was the restoration of the corridor outside the Law Library, including the decorative ceiling, repairing, cleaning, and polishing the marble walls, and refinishing the historic phone booth doors as well as repair or replacement of historic Forum Building furniture.